How do I become a wedding officiant in Trinidad and Tobago?

Who can officiate a wedding in Trinidad?

Civil marriages are the most common form of marriage in Trinidad and Tobago. Civil Marriages can be performed by a Marriage Officer, Wardens (also known as Superintendent Registrars) or the Registrar General. Hindu, Muslim and Orisa Marriages can only be performed by licensed Marriage Officers. 3.

How long does it take to get a marriage certificate in Trinidad?

The certificate is ordered through the Registrar General’s Department online system. 2. The marriage record is checked for errors, printed in Trinidad and mailed to the Consulate General in New York. This process takes approximately six (6) to eight (8) weeks.

How long does it take to get your marriage certificate?

The marriage certificate can only be issued after the information has been entered onto the electronic register – a marriage certificate will not be issued to you on the day of your marriage but will be issued within 7 days of being uploaded to our system.

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Where can I post banns in Trinidad?

To post banns, both the bride and groom-to-be will need to apply with: Valid national ID cards or passports, at their respective, closest District Warden’s Office or at the Registrar General’s Department, located at Government Campus, WrightsonRoad, Port of Spain.

Where are wedding banns posted in Trinidad?

The couple is required to post banns in their nearest District Revenue Office. If the couple lives in separate areas, banns are posted in both areas. If widowed, original death certificate. After 7 days, return to the District Revenue Office to collect your Marriage License.

How do I change my name after marriage in Trinidad?

To change your name, submit a petition to your local Superior Court that details the reasons you’d like to change your name. After the court approves your request, you’ll then need to update your Social Security card, driver’s license and passport.

How do I get a marriage certificate after getting married in Trinidad?

Complete and sign Application Forms at Civil Registry. Cost/fee: $100.00. Return approximately 3 days (if in Trinidad ) and 7 days (if in Tobago) later for President’s Authority. Take President’s Authority to Warden’s Office and Marriage Licence will be issued.

How do you get married at the Red House?

Application forms for use of the Red House for such marriage ceremony can be accessed via the Parliament’s website or may be obtained at the Office of the Marshal of the Parliament, Parliamentary Complex, Cabildo Building, St. Vincent Street, Port of Spain.

How many wedding certificates do you need?

“Obtaining three copies of the certified marriage certificate for these tasks should be sufficient,” notes Hanes. “You can always contact the local county clerk to order more certified copies of your certificate if you need them at any time down the line.” How Much Does a Wedding Officiant Cost?

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What are the requirements to get a marriage license?


  • Marriage License Application Form.
  • Identification Card, bearing applicant’s residential address.
  • Birth or Baptismal Certificates of both applicants.
  • Community Tax Certificate (Cedula)
  • One (1) ID photo of both applicants.
  • If Applicable: Municipal Form No. 92 (Consent of Marriage of a Person Under Age)

Where do I get my marriage certificate in Trinidad?

You can request for copies of a marriage certificate in person at the District Registrar’s office. Make sure that you bring a valid identification in case the registry officer will need to verify your identity and your right obtain the certificate.

Can I get married online in Trinidad?

Applicants can apply for a Marriage Certificate through a Vital Events Online Application Service or can schedule an online marriage certificate appointment, please be prepared to provide: Your name.