What do you call the time between the wedding and the reception?

Yep, generally known as cocktail hour

What do you do with the gap between ceremony and reception?

Here are some ideas for what to do during a gap between your ceremony and reception.

  1. Keep the gap as short as you can. …
  2. Organize a group activity. …
  3. Provide activity ideas for your guests. …
  4. Host a “mini reception.” …
  5. Take your family and wedding party portraits.

What is a typical wedding timeline?

A Traditional Wedding Weekend Timeline: Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding and Brunch. A Friday evening rehearsal dinner, a Saturday evening wedding with an early evening start time, and a morning-after Sunday brunch is one of the most common timelines for a wedding.

What do you call the event after wedding?

A wedding reception is a party usually held after the completion of a marriage ceremony as hospitality for those who have attended the wedding, hence the name reception: the couple receive society, in the form of family and friends, for the first time as a married couple.

What is the distance between ceremony and reception?

Out of consideration for your guests, the two should be as close together as possible. Ideally, you want your guests to be able to witness your vows and then to celebrate with you. As a general suggestion, try to keep the travel distance under 20 miles from ceremony to reception.

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What is the difference between wedding reception and ceremony?

The biggest difference between the wedding ceremony and wedding reception is the purpose of each event. The wedding ceremony’s purpose is to officially and legally marry the couple. The wedding reception, on the other hand, is the party hosted to celebrate the couple’s marriage.

What is the Catholic gap?

slang For a Catholic wedding, the period of time between the end of the wedding ceremony at the church and the start of the reception at another location. This typically happens with an early afternoon wedding and an evening reception.

What is cocktail hour at a wedding?

Cocktail hour is the period of time between the ceremony and dinner. It is the beginning of the reception portion of the wedding. “The cocktail hour is kind of like the acclimating period,” says Vicky Theodorou of Heirloom Catering & Event Design.

What’s a receiving line?

Definition of receiving line

: a group of people who stand in a line and individually welcome guests (as at a wedding reception)

What are the order of events at a wedding reception?

Wedding Reception Order of Events

  • Cocktail Hour. After the ceremony, the couple, their families, and wedding party head off with the photographer to pose for pictures. …
  • Arrivals. …
  • Dinner. …
  • Toasts. …
  • First Dance. …
  • Dancing. …
  • Bouquets & Garter Tosses. …
  • Cake Cutting.

Is wedding reception the evening?

A traditional wedding day is split into three main parts, the ceremony, the wedding breakfast and the evening reception. … Those that are only invited to the evening reception are ‘evening guests’. There are many reasons why you might want to invite some guests to the evening reception only.

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What is the bride’s party called?

A bridal party is a group of people chosen by the couple to participate in the wedding. Traditional bridal party roles include the bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, and ring bearers.