What do you say to bride and groom in receiving line?

How do you welcome the bride and groom?

Traditional Intros for Bride and Groom

  1. May I please have your attention as we welcome the new Mr. and Mrs. …
  2. It is my great honor and happy privilege to introduce to you Mr. and Mrs. …
  3. Let us welcome for the very first time as husband and wife, Charles and Carmen Carlysle! Please give them your heartfelt applause!

How do you announce a receiving line?

Simply say your name and “how do you do?” to the host, or express your happiness to have been invited. Then, promptly move on to the next person in line, repeat your name and keep the receiving line moving. A lady guest will precede a gentleman guest when going through the line.

What does a receiving line mean?

Definition of receiving line

: a group of people who stand in a line and individually welcome guests (as at a wedding reception)

How do you announce the bride and groom at reception?

However, at the wedding reception, most bride-and-groom couples employ a formal announcement to make their grand entrance into the reception space. Traditionally, the MC would say, “For the first time as husband and wife, Mr. and Mrs. John Doe!” or the more progressive, “Mr.

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How do you welcome a wedding?

Fun & Peppy Ways to Welcome your Wedding Guests

  1. Welcome them with folk performances. …
  2. Serve delectable welcome drinks. …
  3. Give a hamper full of snacks and goodies. …
  4. Greet them with sandalwood tilak & rose water sprinkle. …
  5. Tie Gajras on their wrists as they enter. …
  6. Giveaway a personalized note. …
  7. With Dhols & Nagadas.

What is a receiving line in a wedding?

What Is a Receiving Line? Receiving lines are an incredibly useful way to make sure you have a chance to greet all of your wedding guests, especially at larger weddings. It’s pretty simple: You line up and say hello to guests as they walk past.

What wedding guests should say?

Be ready with simple statements including: * “Thank you so much for coming.” * “We’re so glad you made it.” * “It means so much to us for you to be here.”

How do you greet people in a wedding?

Guests usually start with the bride’s mother (or hostess), who greets them with a handshake or kiss and a few words. In turn, the bride and groom thank the guests for coming and make any necessary — and brief — introductions to the others in the line.

Should I have a receiving line at my wedding?

A. Although a receiving line is not necessary, taking time on your wedding day to greet all of your guests is. If you choose to forgo a line altogether, then be sure to take some time during the reception to visit each table and thank your guests for helping you to celebrate your marriage.

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What can I do instead of a receiving line?

5 Creative Receiving Line Alternatives

  • Do a first look. While this may not seem related to wedding receiving lines, if you do a first look for your photography, you will be able to greet guests during your cocktail hour. …
  • Make your receiving line shorter. …
  • Go table by table. …
  • Host a pre-wedding party. …
  • Cull the guest list.

How long do receiving lines take?

How long will it take? We suggest you plan for about 30 minutes per 100 guests. 250 guests = 60 – 90 minutes (While this may seem like a long amount of time, don’t worry! People tend to move faster when they know there are lots of people still waiting.

How do you announce the bride and groom first dance?

Find mom and Dad(s) and tell them their roles for the events.) “And now ladies and gentlemen we would like to bring out our newlyweds, (Mr. & Mrs. Name), to dance their first dance as husband and wife.

How do you announce wedding speeches?

Wedding Toast Template

  1. Congratulate the couple. Express how happy you are that the two of them are getting married and what it means to you to witness it.
  2. Introduce yourself. …
  3. Tell a (curated) story. …
  4. Address both partners. …
  5. Go for the crowed-pleasers. …
  6. Raise your glass for a toast.

What side does bride and groom sit at reception?

Traditionally the bride sits on the left, and the groom sits on the right. If you’re doing a sweetheart table, the Bridal party can sit at a dining table, with each other, their dates, family or friends. It’s ok to have them sit at different tables, put them where ever you think they’ll be most comfortable!

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