Who directed wedding party?

Who is the writer of wedding party?

The people who make up the wedding party (the bride and groom, the bridesmaids and groomsmen, the flower girl and ring bearer, or the father and mother of the bride) are basically the MVPs of the big day.

What is the party part of a wedding called?

A wedding reception is a party usually held after the completion of a marriage ceremony as hospitality for those who have attended the wedding, hence the name reception: the couple receive society, in the form of family and friends, for the first time as a married couple.

Is wedding party 2 out?

It is a sequel to The Wedding Party, which was released in December 2016. Principal photography for the film, which was shot in Lagos and Dubai, began in May 2017.

The Wedding Party 2.

The Wedding Party 2: Destination Dubai
Distributed by FilmOne Distributions
Release date 15 December 2017
Country Nigeria
Languages English Yoruba Igbo

Will there be wedding party 3?

So why not a third part? Unlike the recently released sequel, a third part would have to leave behind certain core characters that have so far carried the franchise. Tinuade, Bamidele, Wonu, Obianuju, Felix Onwuka and AY Makun as the MC would have no relevant place in the story.

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Who produced wedding party 1?

Production. The film was produced by ELFIKE Film Collective. Directed by Kemi Adetiba.

Who directed Wedding Party 2?

The most notable duties of the wedding party include taking photos with the bride and groom on the wedding day, planning special pre-wedding events like the bridal shower and bachelor and bachelorette parties and helping the bride and groom get ready before the ceremony.

Who walks the mother of the bride down the aisle?

The most traditional choice is for a groomsman to walk the bride’s mother down the aisle. This can be an especially good choice if the two sides of the wedding party are uneven or if you’d like to give this gentleman some additional spotlight.

Who seats the mother of the bride at a wedding?

The seating of the bride’s mother usually signals the ceremony is about to begin. 7. Brothers of the couple usually seat their mothers, but the head usher can do it if the brothers are in the wedding party, or a brother can seat his mom and then take his place with the other groomsmen.

What are married bridesmaids called?

What is a Bridesmaid? … The chief, or lead, bridesmaid is called the maid-of-honor if she is single and the matron-of-honor if she is married. Younger girls who are obviously too young to be married may also be included and are called junior bridesmaids. The contemporary bridesmaid may be of any age and marital status.

What is a female best man called?

What Is A Female Best Man Called? Most people call them your Best Woman, but she would be considered as part of the groomsmen. The equivalent exists in the opposite direction, called the Man of Honour.

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Is the groom the husband?

As nouns the difference between husband and groom

is that husband is (lb) the master of a house; the head of a family; a householder while groom is a man who is about to become or has recently become part of a married couple short form of bridegroom or groom can be a person who cares for horses.