Why does Friar Lawrence marry the lovers?

Why does Friar Lawrence decide to marry Romeo and Juliet? When Romeo asks Friar Lawrence to marry him and Juliet, Friar Lawrence agrees because he thinks their marriage might bring about the end of the feud between their two families.

Why does Friar Laurence marry Juliet and Paris?

Friar Laurence is reluctant to marry Paris to Juliet because she is already married to Romeo, so that means she would be married to two people at once. … Friar Laurence thinks that juliet will accept his plans because it is a solution to not marry Paris and to marry Romeo.

What point does the Friar make about marriage?

The friar proposes a plan: Juliet must consent to marry Paris; then, on the night before the wedding, she must drink a sleeping potion that will make her appear to be dead. Juliet will be laid to rest in the Capulet tomb, and the friar will send word to Romeo in Mantua to help him retrieve her when she wakes up.

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What reason does Friar Laurence give Paris for opposing the wedding plans?

It’s because, he says, Capulet thinks it’s dangerous for to be so upset about Tybalt’s death (of course, she isn’t – she’s upset about Romeo’s banishment: and the Friar knows that!) – and so has given her a hasty wedding to give her something to smile about.

Why is Paris talking to the Friar?

Paris meets with Friar Lawrence, informing him that the wedding will be held on Thursday in a supposed attempt to soothe Juliet’s grief over murdered Tybalt. Juliet arrives for confession, and Paris attempts to pressure her into confessing her love for him.

What is the relationship between Romeo and Friar Lawrence?

The Friar is a close friend of Romeo’s. He is a good and kind character who supports the young lovers and helps them to marry in secret. After Romeo is banished, he makes a potion that Juliet will take to appear dead.

Is Friar Lawrence wise to marry Romeo and Juliet?

He also tries to impart advice so Romeo can make the right decisions. “Wisely and slow, they stumble that run fast.” Here, Friar Laurence is advising Romeo to think carefully and wisely about his decision to marry Juliet. This shows that Friar Laurence is wise because he is aware of what could happen.

Is Friar Lawrence Romeo’s dad?

Again, Romeo is referring to Friar Lawrence as father. Though Juliet never refers to the friar as “father,” Friar Lawrence speaks to her as if she were his daughter. In the quote “Hold, daughter” (Ellis, 749) Friar Lawrence refers to her as a daughter.

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What does Friar Lawrence say when he goes to retrieve Juliet for her wedding to Paris Why is it ironic?

Keep Juliet from being depressed. The conversation between Juliet and Paris is ironic because Paris is happy and excited, and Juliet really doesn’t really care for it. If Friar Lawrence can not help Juliet, she threaten to kill herself. … If the potion does not work Juliet will kill herself.

How does the Friar plan to reunite the lovers?

Friar Lawrence’s plan is for Juliet to evade marriage with Paris by taking a sleeping potion that will make her appear to be dead. Once she is laid in the crypt, she will wake up. At that point, she can be reunited with Romeo, and the two can go to live as a married couple in Mantua.

What danger does Friar Lawrence see in the hasty marriage?

He compares a hasty love to a fiery death. His words foreshadow the death and destruction that await Romeo and Juliet and their families, as the friar compares their love to kisses that consume (meaning that their own kisses consume or destroy them).

Did Paris really love Juliet?

Even though Paris’s’ love for Juliet was seen as a mere affection for her beauty and Paris had planed to marry Juliet through an arranged marriage, but as the play gets to and end it is show that Paris truly did love Juliet. Paris is a noble and a friend of lord Capulet.

How long will Juliet remain dead?

The Friar offers Juliet a remedy — a sleeping potion that she is to take on Wednesday night, the evening before the wedding. The potion will render Juliet unconscious, and she will appear to be dead for 42 hours, during which time her body will rest in the family tomb.

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What does Juliet tell Friar Lawrence she will do if the wedding to Paris Cannot be avoided?

Because she’ll stop crying if she has someone by her side. Juliet tells Friar Laurence what she will do if the wedding to Paris cannot be avoided. … She will kill herself with a knife if Friar Laurence cannot come up with a better solution. Summarize Friar Laurence’s plan as described in lines 89-120.