Are Andy and Anna from Don’t tell the bride still married?

Yes – as far as we can tell, not only did the Vegas wedding go ahead, but they are still together… The extended Don’t Tell The Bride: Andy and Anna is on tonight (Monday 24 Feb) at 7.30pm on E4. READ MORE: What Do You Do If You Hate Your Bridesmaid’s Dress?

Are Steve and Leona still together?

If his impulsive wedding planning wasn’t bad enough, Steve also angered Leona’s family causing a rift between the bridal party and his family. … But despite all of the drama on the wedding day, Leona still went through with it and married Steve to the shock of viewers. And the couple are still together!

Are Katy and Sam from don’t tell the bride still married?

It was a very difficult moment but, at the end of the day, we’re really happily married and the programme was worth it.” Sam and Katy are having a party with their best man and maid-of-honour when the programme is aired on BBC Three, at 9pm Thursday.

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Has anyone ever Cancelled the wedding on don’t tell the bride?

FOR THE first time in the show’s history, a Don’t Tell The Bride wedding has been cancelled after the couple were caught cheating. Yanis and Shanise, from Birmingham, were left “heartbroken” when producers of the E4 series called off their upcoming nuptials after finding them secretly communicating.

Did Yanis and chanise get married?

At the end of the episode, things were still looking up for Yanis and Chanise. She told the cameras that “we still very much would like to get married.” But since they appeared on the show, their relationship deteriorated. BirminghamLive went on to confirm this, learning that they are no longer together.

Did Craig and Sofia stay together?

As the only couple to ever split as a result of the disastrous wedding, Sofia also refused to try on the Bavarian wedding dress Craig chose for her and was devastated when he planned an Oktoberfest-themed nuptials at the National Brewery Centre.

Are Craig and Sofia from don’t tell the bride still together?

Sofia and Craig

One of the most uncomfortable episodes of Don’t Tell The Bride has to be Sofia and Craig’s wedding. … Sofia was ready to call the wedding off there and then, but after Craig arranged for her to have a new wedding dress, the nuptials were back on.

Are Simon and Kayleigh divorced?

Although Kaleigh and Simon had a tough time of it on Don’t Tell the Bride, they still tied the knot in the end. There’s only ever been one couple to completely call off their wedding on the show. In series 8 episode 18, Craig and Sofia never formalized their wedding vows.

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Who pays for the wedding on don’t tell the bride?

One of the main perks of appearing on DTTB (and probably the reason why most couples put themselves forward for the show) is the £14,000 wedding budget that is given to each couple. However at no point does the groom actually have contact with the money.

Are don’t tell the bride weddings legal?

Back in 2017, The Sun revealed that the weddings that take place on the show are not legally binding. Instead, they claimed couples are told to later plan a legal ceremony after the show has been filmed. … “An update or photos from this legal ceremony is shown at the end of each episode.”

When was the first don’t tell the bride?

The series first premiered on BBC Three on 8 November 2007. In February 2012, it was announced that the show had been nominated for a Rose d’Or award for best ‘Factual Entertainment’ show. Due to the impending shutdown of BBC Three as a linear television service, the 9th series of the programme was moved to BBC One.

Are Latrice and Richard not tell the bride?

The lovebirds are the latest couple to appear on Don’t Tell The Bride, with Richard given a budget of £13,000 and three weeks to plan a wedding. Latrice moves back in with her mum, as Richard gets planning the hen do with the help of best mate, Curtis.