Best answer: Can you get married at 17 in WV?

Also, both parties must be 18 or older to be legally married. If you are 16 or 17, however, you may be legally married with your parent’s consent. Also, a three day waiting period is put in place for couples under the age of 18. Otherwise, no waiting period is required to obtain a marriage license in WV.

Can you get married at 17 in West Virginia?

The fee for a West Virginia marriage license is $56 and is required at the time of application. … Marriage licenses are issued by the County Clerk’s office found in all counties in West Virginia. Minimum age to marry is 16. If under the age of 16 must receive consent from a Judge in addition to parental consent.

What States Can I get married at 17?


Name Marriage age Notes
General marriage age
South Dakota 18 With parental consent, a person can marry at 16.
Tennessee 18 With parental consent, a person can marry at 17; however, one party cannot be more than four years older than the minor.
Texas 18 Emancipated minors who are 16 or 17 years old can marry.
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How can I get married at 17?

California law requires a person under 18 years of age to obtain consent from at least one parent or guardian and permission in the form of a court order. Granting permission for a minor to marry or establish a domestic partnership is entirely within the discretion of the court.

Is it OK to get married at 17?

Most states have a minimum marriage age for minors with parental consent, ranging from 12-17 years old. However, California and Mississippi do not have minimum ages for minors to be allowed to marry with parental consent. … Some states have different minimum ages for males and females, with or without parental consent.

How do you get legally married in WV?

To obtain a marriage license in West Virginia, both you and your partner must be present in-person at the County Clerk’s Office. You also need to present valid identification (such as a driver’s license, for example). Additionally, it is illegal to marry someone you are related to in West Virginia.

Can a 16 year old get married in WV?

State Marriage Age Laws

State marriage age requirements can vary, but most states place the minimum age to get married without parental consent at 18 years old. West Virginia does the same, but allows minors aged 16 and up to marry with their parents’ permission.

Can you marry at 18?

If, however, either or both of the parties are between the ages of 18 and 21, their respective fathers, mothers, surviving parents or guardians or persons having legal charge of them must signify in writing their consent to their marriage. …

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Can you marry your cousin in West Virginia?


A woman is prohibited from marrying her father, grandfather, brother, son, grandson, half brother, uncle, brother’s son, sister’s son, first cousin or double cousin.

What age can you get engaged?

Engaged is an informal agreement to get married at some point, it does not have a legal status at all. Anyone can get engaged at any age, it is simply a matter of agreeing with your partner that you are engaged. This is usually done by one person asking the other to marry them and the other person saying yes.

What states can you get married under 18?

Child marriage is currently legal in 44 states (only Delaware, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island have set the minimum age at 18 and eliminated all exceptions), and 20 U.S. states do not require any minimum age for marriage, with a parental or judicial waiver.

What is the lowest age of consent in America?

The Age of Consent is 18 in eleven states – California, New York, Florida, Oregon, Utah, Iowa, Arkansas, Tennessee, West Virginia, Vermont, and Delaware. The lowest state Age of Consent in the United States is 16.

Is parental consent required for marriage?

The requirement for parental consent is only necessary for application for a marriage license when one or both of the contracting parties is/are between the ages of eighteen 18 and 21. The law states: … It will only delay the solemnization of their marriage.

How old do you have to be to get married in Indiana?

Generally, each person must be at least 18 years old to get married. However, sometimes 15, 16 and 17 year olds can marry. People who are 17 can get married if the person who is 17 gets consent from the parents or guardian the person who has legal custody or control over a minor.

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What states can you marry your sister?


State First cousin marriage allowed Sexual relations or cohabitation allowed
Alabama Yes Yes
Alaska No Yes
Arizona Only if both parties are 65 or older, or one is infertile No
Arkansas No Yes

What is the youngest age to get married in the world?

Out of all of the countries in the world, Chad has the youngest average age of first marriage at 19.2 years. Two African countries, Niger and Mozambique, come in the second and the third positions with 19.4 and 19.6 years respectively.