Best answer: Who is the protagonist in the story the wedding dance?

Who are the main characters of the story wedding dance?

“The Wedding Dance” by Amador Daguio is a short story about a husband and wife, Awiyao and Lumnay, who had been married for seven years. In spite of being in love with his wife, Awiyao feels the need to marry again to have a son.

What is the conflict in the story of wedding dance?

Conflict. Awiyao has left his wife Lumnay, whom he loved very much. However, she couldn’t give him a child. He has now married Madulimay in hopes to have a son, who will continue his legacy.

Who is this character Awiyao?

Awiyao : The Husband stated in the short story. Humorous and physically fit.

What is the theme of wedding dance by Amador Daguio?

The theme of “The Wedding Dance” by Amador Daguio is all about letting love go. A number of times the narrator draws the reader’s attention to the floor as Lumnay pulls it apart. This is symbolic for their marriage unweaving.

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What does the characters want and why Awiyao and Lumnay?

Awiyao is going to marry another woman, Madulimay, because Lumnay was not able to give him a child. Awiyao went back home to see Lumnay because he didn’t find her among the dancers at his wedding. He wanted Lumnay to dance at his wedding for the last time but she cannot.

What does the character want and why?

Desire—what a character wants or needs—forms the backbone of any fictional plot and the basis of conflict. Often, when writers have problems generating a story, it’s because they’re not thinking in terms of a central, concrete desire, that which motivates the main character and moves them to action.

What is the meaning of wedding dance?

The first dance between the bride and groom is the most awaited moment for the newly wed as well as the guests. It shows the love and unity between the new couple. The way of dancing, expression and the dancing steps reveal the harmony between the bride and groom. It is an expression of their unending love.

Who wrote the wedding dance?

Amador Daguio

Amador T Daguio
Alma mater University of the Philippines Stanford University Romualdez Law College
Notable works Wedding Dance, The Flaming Lyre, Man of Earth, Hudhud Hi Aliguyon
Notable awards Republic Cultural Heritage Award
Spouse Estela Fermin Daguio

What does the beads and the gongs symbolize in the story the wedding dance?

The Beads. The beads in the story symbolize the promise that Awiyao made to Lumnay. They are also very precious and are worth 20 fields. The fact that Awiyao gives them to Lumnay shows that he cherishes her, and that he still believes she has worth.

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What is plot in a story?

The plot is what happens in a story. … A strong plot is centered on one moment—an interruption of a pattern, a turning point, or an action—that raises a dramatic question, which must be answered throughout the course of the story. This is also known as plot A.

When was wedding dance published?

“The Wedding Dance” was first published in 1953 by Stanford University in an annual publication of works by participants in their literary programs.

What is wedding dance in the Philippines?

One way Filipino couples light up the dance floor with family and friends is through the money dance. Also known as the prosperity dance, or sabitan ng pera in Tagalog, it serves to usher in financial abundance in a couple’s marriage. For wedding guests, it’s a fun moment full of candid merriment and well-wishing.

What is the meaning of courtship dance?

In dance: Defining according to function. Courtship dances, for example, allow the dancers to display their vigour and attractiveness and to engage in socially accepted physical contact between the sexes.