Can I marry my father’s brother’s wife in Islam?

Can I marry my father’s brother’s wife?

Since your question does not show blood relation, it is perfectly fine to marry her. Both legally and genetically.

Can a man marry his father’s brother’s daughter in Islam?

The answer is yes. Islam does not allow to marry father’s sister, father’s brother, mother’s sister, mother’s brother. … For example you can marry your father’s brother’s daughter, father’s sister’s daughter, mother’s brother’s daughter and mother’s sister’s daughter.

What do we call father’s brother’s wife?

Aunts and unclesEdit

Relation in English Relation in Hindi
Father’s younger brother’s wife (aunt) चाची, काकी or छोटी मम्मी
Father’s elder brother’s (Uncle) ताया, ताऊ or बड़े पापा
Father’s elder brother’s wife (Aunt) or father’s sister’s husband फूफा
Mother’s brother मामा or मामू

Can I marry my mother’s brother in Islam?

In Islam you can marry your first cousins. You cannot marry your mother’s or Father’s own sister if you are a man. A girl cannot be married to Mother’s or fathers own Brother.

Can I marry my dads brothers daughter?

See as per Hindu law you can marry someone who is beyond five generations from your father’s side and beyond three generations from your mother’s side. As the relation you are mentioning is within the prohibited degree of relationship for marriage, you cannot marry her as you both are sapindas of each other.

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Can I marry my fathers sister daughter?

No you cannot since you two come within prohibited degree of relationship. However, this can be overcome if the custom or usage governing your family and the family of your father’s sister permit this kind of a Marriage.

Can Brothers children marry each other?

Parallel cousin marriage is a less prevalent institution, but does occur in some societies. In this situation the children of two same sex siblings marry. Patrilateral parallel cousin marriage, the marriage of brothers’ children is the standard pattern.

What relation is my wife’s brother in law to me?

Technically, no. You wife’s sister’s husband is you wife’s brother-in-law. We call them our brother-in-law as a term of endearment. In our family everyone is considered our brother or sister without the in-law, as a term of endearment.

What is your brother’s wife called?


the wife of your brother.

What is my mother’s brother’s wife to me?

his wife is your aunt on other side paternal aunt.

Can I marry my brother’s wife Islam?

Islamic law (sharia) clearly lays down rules for marriage, including who may marry whom, and although the Quran does not prohibit a man from marrying his brother’s widow, it does insist that if it were to be done, it should be treated as a normal marriage with the wife’s consent and a mahr.

Can u marry your sister in Islam?

Seven relations are prohibited because of consanguinity, i.e. kinship or relationship by blood, viz. mothers, daughters, sisters, paternal aunts, maternal aunts, and nieces (whether sister’s or brother’s daughters).

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Can I marry brother’s daughter?

Yes assuming you are Hindu, you will be governed by Hindu Marriage Act and according to this Act, you are not related to each other within the degrees of prohibited relationships, hence you can marry her. … Similarly, a mother can not marry her son or grandson.