Do you tip at an open bar wedding?

You do NOT need to tip 20% of the cost of the bartender, rental, liquor, ice, and all the rest, no matter who is getting that money. Guests in line – I start with a nice tip and go to $1 per drink thereafter.

How much do you tip for open bar at a wedding?

This is because we ALWAYS tip the bartender for every drink (usually $1 if they’re just opening a beer or pouring wine, $2 per mixed cocktail).

Do you have to tip at open bar?

Tip Well. The drinks are free, so don’t be cheap. Even if you’re not paying for your cocktails, show some respect to the bar team that has to deal with the hoards of open bar zombies. Plus, if you tip well on the first drink, the bartender might show you some favor above the stingy folks who didn’t tip.

Should you tip bartender at open bar wedding?

“Every event is unique,” Patrick Maguire, editor of, tells Consumerist, “but as a general rule, guests attending open bar events should always offer to tip bartenders, and many people don’t.” … A dollar per drink is a good rule of thumb for those who choose to tip, Hulayev explains.

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Do you tip at a wedding bar?

Tipping your bartender is optional in the same way that remembering someone’s name is optional. Sure, it’s not required per se, but the type of person who only does what is required probably eats lunch alone with their headphones in.

What is a good tip at a bar?

A good rule to follow is about $1 a drink. In nicer bars, leave $2 per drink. If you’re paying with a card, calculate 20% of your tab at the end of the night. For more expensive cocktails, it’s a better idea to go with 20% of the tab rather than tipping by the drink.

What is a good tip for a bartender?

Experts say you should then tip between 15 and 18 percent of the final bill. This lets the bartender know you were unhappy with the service and may prompt them to try to figure out what they did incorrectly. Again, everyone has off days, so you should still leave a tip even when service is less than on the ball.

Do you tip photographer at wedding?

For photographers, videographers, and florists who do not own their own businesses, tip $30 to $50; wedding coordinators should be given about $50 to $100.

Do you tip the DJ at a wedding?

DJ: Tip Required

Your wedding DJ not only plays music, but often serves as the emcee for the evening—a big role to be sure. When deciding how much you’re tipping this wedding vendor, the rule of thumb is that he or she should receive 10 to 15 percent of the total bill.

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How much do you tip your wedding coordinator?

Wedding Planner or Day of Coordinator

The Standard: Appreciated, yet if your planner or coordinator went above and beyond or assisted with tasks that were not expected, a tip of 15%-20% of the service cost would be appropriate.