Frequent question: Can I marry my mother’s brother’s daughter in India?

If you are a Hindu, it is not legal to marry mother’s brothers daughter I.e. Mama’s daughter. … Any marriage with a blood relative is prohibited.

Is it OK to marry your mother’s brother’s daughter?

Its not acceptable by the society even. this marriage would be illegal. Its not acceptable by the society even. and such marriage are null and void.

Can I marry mother’s brother’s son’s daughter?

As the relation you are mentioning is within the prohibited degree of relationship for marriage, you cannot marry her as you both are sapindas of each other.

Can I marry my mother’s sister’s daughter in Hindu?

Yes , you can Marry mother’s sister’s daughter’s daughter who is not under the degree of prohibited relationship as per section 2 (b) of Special Marriage Act. 2. However, you can not marry your mother’s sister ‘s daughter.

What is my mother’s brother’s daughter to me?

Father’s sisters and mother’s brothers are called other terms that are similar to “aunt” and “uncle.” Father’s brother’s children and mother’s sister’s children are called “brother” and “sister.” Then, if you are male, you call your father’s sister’s children “niece” and “nephew.” If you are female, you call your …

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Can I marry mother’s brother?

It is not illegal as it is their custom. The legality of Uncle-niece marriages was confirmed in the Hindu Code Bill of 1984.

Can a girl marry her mother’s brother?

An avunculate marriage is a marriage with a parent’s sibling or with one’s sibling’s child—i.e., between an uncle or aunt and their niece or nephew. Such a marriage may occur between biological (consanguine) relatives or between persons related by marriage (affinity).

Can I marry my mother’s brother’s son in India?

As per Hindu law marriage in near blood relation is prohibited due to many scientific and biological reason and as such law prohibiting such marriages has been made. So far as marriage is concerned if both of your family members are agreed you may go ahead with the marriage.

Can I marry my father’s brother’s daughter in India?

You cannot marry your dad’s brothers daughter. However in souther India, you are allowed to marry your dad’s sister’s daughter or your mother’s brothers daughter. It has to be a cross cousin only.

Can I marry my grandfather’s brother’s son?

No. As your case fall in the category of Sapinda Relationship and in Sapinda relationship you cannot marry upto 5 generations from the side of your father and 3 generations fro m your mother. your case fall under this category.

Can I marry my maternal sister?

Answers (3)

As per law, you cannot marry with your cousin sister as it is prohibited by Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. Moreover, an adopted child have same obligations/liabilities as natural born son.

Is it possible to marry your sister?

The term “incest” generally refers to sexual relations between close family members, and American laws on this issue vary between jurisdictions within the country. Many states outlaw sexual relationships between siblings and between parents and their children, and no state allows siblings to marry.

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Can you marry cousin sister?

Yes . you can marry your cousin sister.

Can a brother and sister have a normal baby together?

But there is definitely good biology behind the laws that prohibit brothers and sisters from having children. The risk for passing down a genetic disease is much higher for siblings than first cousins.

Who is your mother’s brother?

A maternal uncle, usually opposed to a paternal uncle with reference to relative status in kinship affairs and social customs.

What relation is my brothers daughters daughter to me?

The definition of niece is the daughter of your brother or sister, by blood or by marriage. An example of a niece is your brother-in-law’s daughter. The daughter of one’s brother or sister or of the brother or sister of one’s spouse.