Is it acceptable in Hindu traditions to marry a girl elder than the boy?

There is no wrong or right here, just a natural evolution of an idea that brings two people together for life. So if one is in love with an older woman and wishes to marry her, there is nothing in Hindu Shastras that forbids that.

Can a man marry a woman who is older than him?

A lady can marry a man who’s older or younger than her. A man can also marry a woman who’s older or younger than him. What really matters is that they love and understand each other. When it comes to marriage and relationships, age is no longer a number!

Why boys are elders than girls in marriage?

The reason for this could be as the father is the head of the family he should be the eldest. Scientifically it is proved that girls mature faster than boys ,if both are of same age the maturity of girl will be more than boy and this may lead to unnecessary conflicts in their life.

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What is the best age to get married according to Hinduism?

There is no evidence of child marriages in VEDic period. For girls the marriage can be above 16 years and after completion of education. The girl should also be physically fit for marriage. The age difference has to be atleast 2 years.

Is it okay to marry younger man?

The secret to a longer life is to marry someone the same age, at least if you are a woman, researchers say. However, a woman who is between seven and nine years older than her husband has a 20% greater mortality rate than if she were with a man the same age. …

How can I impress a girl who is elder?

8 Tips For Impressing Older Women

  1. Look your best. Women love a man who’s well put together. …
  2. Take care of yourself. …
  3. Showcase your talents. …
  4. Show her she’s special. …
  5. Don’t be nervous. …
  6. Let her teach you. …
  7. Have the hard conversations. …
  8. Put in the work.

Does age matter in a relationship if the girl is older?

While the traditional societal set-up expects the woman to be younger than the man in a relationship, many among us, much like our celebrities, have found love in a much younger or older partner. … So, age never matters or hinders in our relationship.”

Is it okay to marry a woman older than you?

If you’d feel more comfortable growing old with someone in similar shape to you, consider an older woman. Marrying an older woman may even yield health benefits fairly early in a marriage. For example, compatible energy levels makes it more likely that a couple will want to recreate together.

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Is it OK to marry a girl one year older than me?

Finally, there is really no rule about “optimal age gap in marriage”. Age difference of one to five years seems to be optimal for most couples, the female spouse being younger.

How much age difference is acceptable?

Usually, anywhere from 1-7 years is considered an acceptable age difference between adults. People whose ages are within 1-3 years typically do not see much of an age difference, while years 4-7 might begin to feel a little bit more pronounced.

Which rule of marriage prescribe a Hindu Cannot marry?

According to this clause, at the time of marriage the bride must have completed the age of 18 years and the bridegroom of 21 years. Thus a child marriage is prohibited under Hindu Marriage Act. However, violation of this condition does not make the marriage void or voidable.

Which age is best for marriage for girl?

“The ideal age to get married, with the least likelihood of divorce in the first five years, is 28 to 32,” says Carrie Krawiec, a marriage and family therapist at Birmingham Maple Clinic in Troy, Michigan. “Called the ‘Goldilocks theory,’ the idea is that people at this age are not too old and not too young.”

At what age girl should marry?

New Delhi, December 16

The government has decided to raise the legal age of marriage for women from 18 to 21 years, bringing it at par with that of men. The Union Cabinet on Wednesday had cleared a proposal to bring in uniformity in the marriageable age of men and women, sources said on Thursday.

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What are the advantages of marrying an older woman?

Marrying an older woman means that your emotional life will be calmer. Older women tend to be more in control of their emotions than younger women. They are more self-aware, more consistent and more balanced than the younger ones.

What are the disadvantages of marrying an older man?

He is sexually experienced as well: One of the biggest disadvantages of marrying an older man is supposed to be an unhappy sex life or a lack of sexual attraction. One only needs to look at the delectable Harrison Ford to know that the much younger Calista Flockhart is not complaining of that one.