Quick Answer: Can I marry my great aunt’s daughter?

No, your Son can marry her, because:Your aunt’s Daughter’s Daughter is your aunt’s Granddaugher, is your Niece from the Cousine, this means that you are her Uncle from the Great-Grandparents, your Son is a Second Cousin, he can marry your Niece from the Cousin.

Can you marry great aunts daughter?

For Hindus, If you are the paternal cousin for your maternal cousin, your marriage is illegal in most parts of India. For Christians and Muslims, it doesn’t matter. You are free to marry any cousins. If you and your cousins belong to different communities, then, under Special Marriage Act, u can marry her.

What do you call your great aunt’s daughter?

The children of your great-aunt are your mother’s first cousins. Your grandparents’ siblings are your great-aunts and great-uncles. So their children (that is, your parents’ first cousins) are your first cousins, once removed. And their children are your second cousins.

Can you marry great uncle’s daughter?

Is it ok to marry my uncle’s daughter? – Quora. If your uncle married into your family with a daughter conceived by another unrelated woman, it is totally fine. If you aren’t biologically related then there is little risk if your offspring having 3 heads or something. Yes, you can.

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Can I marry my aunts niece?

If your maternal Aunt’s niece is not a blood relation to your family (she is related by marriage only) then you are not blood kin (you are not genetically related) and there should be no issue RE marrying each other.

Can I marry my father’s niece daughter?

No you cannot since you two come within prohibited degree of relationship.

Can I marry my aunt’s daughter in India?

NO. In Hindu tradition even if the cousin marriage is allowed the rule is only cross cousins are allowed to get married. So you cannot marry your paternal uncle children and maternal aunt’s children. For Hindus, If you are the paternal cousin for your maternal cousin, your marriage is legal in most parts of India.

What is your great uncle’s daughter to you?

Their children are your parent’s first cousins and your first cousins once removed. You share common great grandparents with the children of your parent’s first cousins, so they are your second cousins. You may find this chart helpful. Source: Wikipedia.

What does twice removed mean?

If there is no “removed” in the relationship, it means you and your cousin are on the same generation. But if you are cousins twice removed, that means your cousin is either part of your grandparents’ generation or your grandchildren’s generation because they are two generations removed from you.

What is my uncle’s relationship to my daughter?

Your uncle’s children are your first cousins and your children’s cousins once removed. Your children’s uncle is your brother (assuming you’re talking about the same side of your family). His children are your nieces or nephews, and your children’s first cousins.

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Can I marry my uncles son?

Section 5 of the Hindu Marriage Act bans, among other things, marriage between a brother and sister, uncle and niece, aunt and nephew, or children of brother and sister or of two brothers or of two sisters. The marriage is void, unless the custom of the community permits it.

Can I marry my father’s sister’s daughter’s daughter?

No one would consider a marriage between parallel cousins – it is considered as incest. Children of one’s father’s sister and mother’s brother are not considered brothers/sisters. So marriage is considered okay between such cross cousins.

Can I marry mother’s brother’s daughter?

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If you are a Hindu, it is not legal to marry mother’s brothers daughter I.e. Mama’s daughter. Even socially and religiously it would be a stigma. Any marriage with a blood relative is prohibited.

Can I marry my brother’s wife?

Yes , one can marry his dead brother’s wife in Hindu law. Moreover it is preferred that a BIL (devar) should marry his widowed( bhabi) .

Can I marry Mom?

You cannot marry your mother’s or Father’s own sister if you are a man. A girl cannot be married to Mother’s or fathers own Brother. Marriage is also prohibited with step mother or step father, But the children of step parents born of earlier alliance can be spouses.