Quick Answer: How much do freelance wedding planners make?

Do wedding planners make good money?

So How Much Money Can a Wedding Planner Actually Make? … Wedding planners who have been working regularly for at least 5 years and have been building their client base report pulling in anywhere from 70 to 90 thousand dollars a year, while those who have been working for 10 years regularly gross $100,000 annually.

How much should I charge as a wedding planner?

On average, a wedding planner costs $1,800 for a range of service packages. Higher-end estimates are over $4,000 while low ranges with minimal assistance can run several hundred dollars. Some wedding planners offer different levels of coordination to match both your budget and desired level of service.

What do wedding planners get paid?

Wedding planners earn an average hourly wage of $25.53. Salaries typically start from $14.85 per hour and go up to $45.57 per hour.

Can event planners make six figures?

California has the highest employment level for event planners, coming in with 7,150 jobs. … Massachusetts event planners also rank high, making an average salary of $59,570 annually.

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How much do high end event planners make?

An event planner can make an average of $16.07 per hour, or an equivalent of around $ 33,000 per year. However, this average can vary depending on clientele, event types and hours worked to see an event through to completion.

How much does a 100 person wedding cost?

It depends on the cost per plate, but most receptions for 100 people cost around $5,000 to $10,000, with average cost being around $7,000. The average cost to cater a reception can vary, as the type of catering offered and the cuisine can both affect the cost per plate.

What percent of brides hire a wedding planner?

The Knot study found that 27 percent of couples getting married hired some type of professional wedding/event planner for their wedding day. Between their solid connections, budget control and creative solutions, you’ll be happy you hired a wedding planner.

How many hours does a wedding planner work?

Based on a typical engagement length of 10 to 18 months, wedding planner Amy Nichols says that couples who are not working with a planner will spend between 200 to 300 hours planning their wedding. That’s the equivalent of eight to twelve full days.

Do you need a degree to be a wedding planner?

You don’t need a special degree or certification to become a wedding planner. … Another option is the Lovegevity Wedding Planning Institute, which offers a course for people interested in becoming a Certified Wedding and Event Planner.

How much do planners make?

Planner average salary by State

State Avg. salary Hourly rate
Alaska $68,104 $32.74
Arizona $56,516 $27.17
Arkansas $40,009 $19.24
California $78,835 $37.90
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What do event planners charge?

On average, event planners should charge between 15-20% of the total cost of an event as part of their fee. Depending on the complexity of the program and the amount of time it takes to plan and execute an event, sometimes this is enough to cover a planner’s entire cost and source of profit.

Are wedding planners in demand?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, wedding planning employment is projected to grow 10 percent from 2016 to 2026. This is faster than the average for all occupations.

How many weddings does a wedding planner do per year?

It might surprise you to know that most wedding planners only manage 8-10 weddings per year.

What do you major in to become a wedding planner?

The education needed to be a wedding planner is normally a bachelor’s degree. Wedding planners usually study business, communication or hospitality management.