What is cocktail hour wedding?

Cocktail hour is the period of time between the ceremony and dinner. It is the beginning of the reception portion of the wedding. “The cocktail hour is kind of like the acclimating period,” says Vicky Theodorou of Heirloom Catering & Event Design.

What is considered cocktail hour?

A cocktail hour is sometimes used by managers of hotels and restaurants as a means of attracting bar patrons between 4 pm and 6 pm. Some events, such as wedding receptions, are preceded by a cocktail hour. During the cocktail hour, guests socialize while drinking and eating appetizers.

What is cocktail wedding?

A cocktail party reception is a type of reception where no formal meal is served and instead guests indulge in a variety of hors d’oeuvres. You can create a party that includes only the meaningful-to-you traditions, and host a celebration that still feels like a wedding—minus the hefty price tag.

What do the bride and groom do during cocktail hour?

Originally, the bride and groom didn’t attend cocktail hour. … Today, more and more bride and grooms want to attend their cocktail hour, which is great and they get to socialize more with their guests and it gives them time to relax before the craziness of the reception begins.

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What do you serve at a wedding cocktail hour?

11 Mess-Free Foods That Are Perfect for Cocktail Hours

  • Mini Meatballs. A mini meatball should be easy to devour in just one bite. …
  • Lettuce Cups. …
  • Satay. …
  • Deviled Eggs. …
  • Cocktail Shrimp. …
  • Pot Stickers. …
  • Pretzel Bites. …
  • Savory Shortbreads.

Can you skip cocktail hour at a wedding?

You can skip cocktail hour if: You are 100% committed to doing a first look and all of your portraiture before the ceremony (including family formal portraits).

Does cocktail hour mean open bar?

What is a ‘timed open bar’? Exactly as it sounds. Some couples – or their generous financers/friends – choose to pay for all the drinks for a limited amount of time. This is usually Cocktail Hour or for two hours after the ceremony.

Are cocktail weddings good?

The main benefit of a cocktail wedding reception is that you can create a real party vibe, with plenty of room for a dancefloor and a spacious bar area. Cocktail weddings are also a great option if you’re planning to have a larger guest list, as there’ll be more space to accommodate standing guests.

Are cocktail weddings cheaper?

Cocktail receptions aren’t always necessarily cheaper than seated. Your guests will likely drink more than at a dinner reception, so your alcohol costs might go up. And depending on the style of furniture and décor, costs may be similar to a sit-down reception.

How long is a cocktail wedding reception?

Depending on your final timeline, the reception itself will likely be around two hours, with an additional half an hour prior to the bride and groom entrance. An after-party means lots of cocktails and dancing, and if you give enough food, your party will likely run till midnight or 1am.

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Do you need music during cocktail hour?

Music Should be Fun, But Not a Focal Point

Cocktail hour is a time to mingle and chat, and a band or DJ will only overpower that.

What is another name for cocktail hour?

What is another word for cocktail hour?

afternoon p.m.
mid-afternoon P.M.
siesta teatime
undern after lunch
early afternoon early evening

Do you take pictures during cocktail hour?

Immediately following the ceremony, your guests transition to cocktail hour. This is a time of mingling, refreshments, and sometimes even entertainment. During the first 20 minutes, family will be taking a few portraits. As long as everyone is present and ready, this shouldn’t take up too much valuable time.

Do you have to have food during cocktail hour?

No, the cocktail hour isn’t the reception, so you shouldn’t be expected to provide a full meal to guests during this time. You do, however, want to provide three or four delicious appetizers to keep your guests’ stomaches happy until dinner is served.

What can I do instead of cocktail hour?

A wine or beer tasting is another yummy alternative to a traditional cocktail hour. Maybe you and your fiance even have a favorite local microbrewery or winery. You could hire a professional to guide your guests through a tasting of a variety of either your favorites or local favorites.

What snacks go well with cocktails?

25 fast snacks to go with cocktails

  • Prawns on toast (toast skagen) …
  • Blue cheese tarts with waldorf salad. …
  • Crab and corn fritters for your last-minute gathering. …
  • Crab and corn fritters. …
  • Homemade rye and ale crisps. …
  • Cheat’s blinis with jamon and figs. …
  • Crumbed fish bites.
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