What’s the verb for engagement?

What is the verb of engagement?

engage. (heading, transitive) To interact socially. To engross or hold the attention of; to keep busy or occupied. To draw into conversation.

Is engagement a noun or verb?

ENGAGEMENT (noun) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

Is engaging a verb or adjective?

ENGAGING (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What is the noun of engagement?

noun. en·​gage·​ment | in-ˈgāj-mənt , en- Essential Meaning of engagement. 1 : an agreement to be married : the act of becoming engaged or the state of being engaged to be married The couple recently announced their engagement.

What is the adjective of engagement?

adjective. busy or occupied; involved: deeply engaged in conversation. pledged to be married; betrothed: an engaged couple. under engagement; pledged: an engaged contractor. entered into conflict with: desperately engaged armies.

What is engaged in?

(engage in something) to take part in a particular activity, especially one that involves competing with other people or talking to them. He has engaged in a dispute with his former business partner. Collocations and examples.

Is engagement capitalized?

However, if you’re not using the term as a proper name, don’t capitalize: “You should tell your other aunts about your engagement.” … When the title comes before a name, capitalize it: “Lieutenant Harvey was one of the pallbearers.”

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What is engagement in communication?

Engagement is active, never passive. It requires the participation of both the speaker and listener. It’s about connecting, being attentive and acting in good faith. When successful, stakeholders feel heard and know their opinions matter. This is fertile ground for problem solving and collaboration.

What is an engaging adverb?

adverb. /ɪnˈɡeɪdʒɪŋli/ /ɪnˈɡeɪdʒɪŋli/ ​in an interesting or pleasant way that attracts your attention.

How do you use engaging?

Engaging sentence example

  1. His laugh was sudden and short, engaging the dimple. …
  2. It is of the most engaging tameness, being fortunately protected by popular sentiment from injury. …
  3. He lowered his eye-band once more, engaging his other senses.

What is the root word of engagement?

engagement (n.)

1620s, “formal promise,” from engage + -ment. Meaning “a battle or fight between armies or fleets” is from 1660s; sense of “state of having entered into a promise of marriage” is from 1742; meaning “appointment” is from 1806.

What is the plural of engagement?

engagement /ɪnˈgeɪʤmənt/ noun. plural engagements. engagement. /ɪnˈgeɪʤmənt/ plural engagements.

What is the adverb for conversation?

In a conversable manner.