When should you do your wedding cake tasting?

Your wedding cake tasting should be booked about six months before your big day.

Do you tip at a wedding cake tasting?

“Couples do not have tip their wedding cake baker, though they can tip the delivery team who sets up the wedding cake display at the reception,” Chertoff said. “$10 to $25 is typically acceptable, $50 if the display is over the top and takes a long time to arrange.”

What happens at a wedding cake tasting?

What to Expect at a Wedding Cake Tasting. You can expect to try a few flavors and give the baker feedback on what you like. You can also expect to get to know the bakers and the staff a little bit. They may show you a portfolio of their previous work or make small talk with you about your wedding.

How long does a cake tasting take?

You can expect the average appointment to last around 45 to 60 minutes, but you should not be made to feel rushed. This will include tasting cake samples and considering your design options.

Do you pay for a wedding cake tasting?

If you plan on going with a smaller local bakery, the cake tasting will likely be free. However, most of the larger bakeries will probably charge you a tasting and consultation fee. The wedding cake plays a big part in the reception celebration so picking the right flavor and design is important to many brides.

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What can I expect at a wedding cake consultation?

A cake consultation is a meeting in which the bride, groom and one or two other people meet with a baker/cake decorator to discuss all the details regarding the wedding cake. This process happens in two or three stages, includes a cake tasting and ends with the signing of a wedding cake contract.

What are the best wedding cake flavors?

Popular Wedding Cake Flavors for 2020

  • Earl Grey olive oil cake with fresh figs.
  • Spiced pear cake with salted caramel and chai tea icing.
  • Banana coconut mocha.
  • Dark chocolate matcha with berries.
  • Strawberries and pink peppercorns.
  • Coffee and cognac.
  • Ginger and passionfruit.
  • Funfetti.

How much does a wedding cake cost?

The average U.S. wedding cake costs around $350, according to Thumbtack, an online service that matches customers with local professionals. On the lower end, couples spend around $125 and on the higher end, they typically spend upward of $700—often over $1,000! —on their wedding cake.

When should you contact a bakery wedding?

2 to 3 weeks before your wedding: Confirm delivery details.

Most bakeries will call a few weeks before the wedding date to confirm the ceremony time, reception time and the venue address—an important part of the wedding cake timeline.