Who does Liv end up with in Bride Wars?

Liv’s wedding resumes with Emma now participating and dancing with Nate, Liv’s brother and a well-known magazine journalist. The film picks up 1 year later when Liv and Emma meet up for drinks, where it’s revealed that Emma married Nate.

Who did Anne Hathaway end up with in Bride Wars?

Emma Allen (Anne Hathaway) and Olivia ‘Liv’ Lerner (Kate Hudson) are best friends who have planned every detail of their weddings, since first witnessing a wedding 20 years ago at the Plaza Hotel. Therefore, they both have made it a lifetime priority to be married in the same location in June.

Does Liv get demoted in Bride Wars?

Liv has learned to be more sensitive and expressive, which gives her a sense of relief to finally have the luxury of being able to let go and be less controlling. However, due to her stress about the wedding and strained friendship with Emma, she ends up demoted.

What is the date of the wedding in Bride Wars?

June 6 is the anniversary of D-Day, the invasion of Europe by Allied Forces in 1944. Fox’s comedy “Bride Wars” would have you believe two female best friends would go to war with a ferocity equal to the Normandy landing when their wedding dates both fall on June 6 at New York’s Plaza Hotel.

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Did Anne Hathaway dance in Bride Wars?

A naughty dancing scene in new movie BRIDE WARS had to be cut when ANNE HATHAWAY took it a little too far. The actress decided to have a little fun with her dancing partner, not realising cameras were still rolling. She explains, “My favourite part of the scene got cut out of the movie.

Who gets married in bride wars?

Emma realizes that he wants her to be the girl he met in school ten years earlier and they break up at the altar. Liv gets married with Emma in attendance. At the reception Emma dances with Liv’s brother who has secretly had a crush on her.

Are Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson friends?

Liv (Kate Hudson) and Emma (Anne Hathaway) are best friends who since childhood have planned every detail of their respective weddings. … At the top of their bridal “must have” list: a ceremony at New York ‘s ultimate bridal destination, the Plaza Hotel.

What happened to LIVS parents in Bride Wars?

(Liv’s parents are dead, a point she milks for sympathy, whimpering that they never saw her graduate from law school, succeed professionally or, of course, become engaged, and Emma’s cliched prop of a mother doesn’t even appear until the wedding day, along with her slightly more energetic husband [John Pankow]).

Was Bride Wars filmed in Boston?

Even though the movie takes place in New York, the filming was actually split between New York and Boston. … Located at 750 5th Avenue and Central Park South, Manhattan, and a location on the NYC TV & Movie Tour.

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Does Netflix have Bride Wars?

Bride Wars | Now Streaming | Netflix.

How old is Anne Hathaway?

Bride Wars movie, starring Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway, was shot on location in Salem in May (19-21) of 2008.

Who plays Deb in Bride Wars?

Kristen Johnston has joined the cast of the Regency Enterprises and Fox comedy “Bride Wars,” starring Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway and Candice Bergen. Johnston will play Deb, a self-absorbed, opportunistic fellow schoolteacher of Emma (Hathaway).

How old is Kate Hudson?


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