Who on The Waltons get married?

Jon Walmsley, who played Jason on the show, married Lisa Harrison. Michael Learned, who played Olivia Walton, the mother of Jason and his six living siblings, hosted the reception at her Malibu home. And Ralph Waite, aka John Walton Sr., officiated the wedding.

Why did Erin and Paul divorce on the Waltons?

Although it’s Erin’s most successful relationship, it doesn’t really end too spectacularly. It is later revealed during one of the reunion movies that the two got divorced because Paul was unfaithful. … She married Rob Wickstrom in 1988 and the two divorced in 1996.

Who does Erin end up with on the Waltons?

Erin Walton and Paul Matthews Northridge have professed their love and are ready to commit their lives to each other. They intend to marry on Valentine’s Day which is coming up very soon.

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Did John Boy Walton get married on the Waltons?

Janet Gilchrist-Walton is a character that appears in three of The Waltons specials…”A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion”, “A Walton Wedding” and “A Walton Easter”. … She married John-Boy in the episode “A Walton’s Easter”. She and John-Boy had two children together; a twin son, Justin Walton, and daughter, Jade Walton.

Did Elizabeth and Drew get married on the Waltons?

They pursue their relationship throughout the rest of the series. Drew goes away to college. Drew later returns to Walton’s Mountain to work in the mill, and Elizabeth tells her father that she will eventually marry Drew.

Elizabeth Walton.

Elizabeth Tyler Walton Cutler
Actor Kami Cotler
Status Alive

Why was Richard Thomas replaced on the Waltons?

After five seasons, Richard Thomas left the Waltons to pursue other interests. … When asked how he came to write a show so different from the Waltons, Earl Explained, “My family first came to Virginia because Thomas Jefferson wanted to start a wine industry.

Why did they get a new John-Boy on The Waltons?

And, Richard Thomas – the original John-Boy Walton – said he felt compassion for the actor hired to replace him on the show after he chose to leave. “I felt for Bobby (Robert Wightman) because he’s such a good actor and such a good guy,” Thomas told Studio 10.

Does Erin marry Chad on the Waltons?

Chad never did marry Erin, but they both spent time together sometimes.

How does the Waltons end?

The Waltons end up saving the day when they gather everyone they can find to attend the celebration. In the closing epilogue, John Boy recounts that the Baldwins’ zest for life would inspire him to write another book and return to New York. The cast reunited for a total of six made-for-TV movies.

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What happened to Mary Ellen’s second husband on the Waltons?

Then Curt was killed at Pearl Harbor in the 1978 season, and Mary Ellen found new love with Arlington Wescott “Jonesy” Jones (Richard Gililand) while taking premed courses. The romance was threatened when Curt was discovered not to have died after all, but the two decided their marriage had ended and divorced.

Did Jason and Toni get married on the Waltons?

The season eight episode of The Waltons titled “The Remembrance” involves Grandpa Zeb’s cousin, Zadok, visiting Walton’s Mountain. … Toni visits Walton’s Mountain and Jason plays her a song he wrote called “Antoinette.” Jason steals a kiss and they eventually get married in season nine.

Did any of the Waltons cast date each other?

‘There was a period where Ralph and I were both single and we did love each other so we made a date and it was going to happen and we got together and we looked at each other and went, ”Nah, this will never work. … It might have gotten messy, but our love was very deep and very true.

When did they change John Boy on The Waltons?

Actor Robert Wightman replaced Richard Thomas in the role of John-Boy Walton. Wightman played the role beginning with the show’s eighth season in 1979 until the end of the series in 1981.

Did Ben and Cindy stay married on the Waltons?

Cindy Walton (formerly Cindy Brunson) is the wife of Benjamin Walton, they were married in the Tv series and had a daughter Virginia also goes by Ginny she died from accidental drowning at a young age, they also had a son Charles he was born on Mothers Day on Waltons Mountain but was never seen or mentioned again after …

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What happened to Ben and Cindy’s little girl on the Waltons?

Virginia Walton was only ever depicted on screen as a baby (in the show’s final two seasons) and a toddler in the 1982 reunion special Mother’s Day on Walton’s Mountain. However, fans came to know that she had died at the age of 17, int he fourth TV film, A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion.

What happened to Jim Bob on the Waltons?

Harper is not currently active in show business but does appear at such Waltons-related functions as collectible and memorabilia fairs. After working at a variety of jobs, he went to school to study business.