You asked: Can I get married in PA if I live in NY?

Can I get married in Pennsylvania if I live in another state?

If you want to get married in the United States, the first thing you need to do is to apply for a marriage license. A marriage license issued in Allegheny County may be used anywhere in the state of Pennsylvania and a marriage license issued by any other Pennsylvania county is valid in Allegheny County.

Do you have to be a resident to get married in PA?

Marriage Residency Requirement Pennsylvania:

You do not have to be a resident of Pennsylvania.

Can you get a marriage license in PA If you live in NJ?

You MUST have a valid marriage license to be legally married in any and every state. The marriage license can only be obtained from and issued by a marriage bureau in a county of the state in which you live. … For example, you cannot use a NJ license in PA or any other state for that matter or vice versa.

How do you legally get married in Pennsylvania?

To legally get hitched in PA, you and your partner will need to apply for a marriage license—together and in person—at a local Register of Wills, marriage license bureau, or county clerk’s office. Pennsylvania does not permit proxy marriages.

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Can I get married in two states?

Committing bigamy in the United States is against the law in every state, and those who engage in it can be subject to both criminal and civil penalties. Civil law treats this concept somewhat differently than criminal law. Because your second marriage is illegal, it is considered void because it legally cannot exist.

How can I get married in PA without a ceremony?

The unique Pennsylvania license, which is a Quaker tradition, allows people to marry themselves without an officiant, just witnesses. That means a couple can have someone emcee the ceremony as a symbolic but not legal officiant.

Can I get married online in PA?

Marriage Licenses can now be done in person or by Skype or appointment. When appearing in person you must be in the office by 4:00 if you already submitted the application online or 3:30 if filling out the application in the office. See requirements to obtain a marriage license below.

How many witnesses do you need to get married in PA?

Two witnesses must be at your marriage ceremony if you’re self-solemnizing.

Can I get married anywhere?

For those that are seriously ill and not likely to recover, a wedding or civil partnership, civil or religious, can take place any time, anywhere including your home or hospital 24 hours a day using a Registrar Generals Licence (RGL). The RGL is obtained from the borough where the ceremony is to take place.

Is there a waiting period to get married in Pennsylvania?

Applicants should take the necessary steps to obtain a Marriage License 2 to 3 weeks before the scheduled date of their marriage ceremony. Pennsylvania law requires a three-day waiting period between the date applicants apply for a Marriage License and when the license may be issued.

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Is common law marriage legal in Pennsylvania?

As of January 2, 2005, common law marriage has been abolished in Pennsylvania. That means that Pennsylvania does not recognize any common law marriage entered into after January 2, 2005. However, couples who entered into a common law marriage before January 2, 2005, are still recognized as married.