Your question: How much does a wedding in south of France cost?

The cost of hiring a beautiful wedding venue such as a château or a domain in the South of France could range from 3 000 euros up to 50 000 euros for the most famous and luxurious venues.

How much does it cost to get married in the south of France?

For a wedding in South West France based on 50 guests you can expect to pay 9,000 euros for the following services; 4 course meal, aperitif and canapés, champagne, drinks, wine, servers for the day, decorated table and flowers, DJ, Bridal bouquet, button holes, Celebrant, Photographer, hair and make-up artist.

How much does the average French wedding cost?

Average budget for a wedding in France 2014-2017

This statistic shows the average budget of a wedding in France from 2014 to 2017. It shows that the average budget increased significantly in 2016 to more than 8,800 euros, compared to the other years in question when it was around 8,200 euros.

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How much does it cost to have a wedding at a chateau in France?

The average wedding at the ‘Escape to the Chateau’ venue reportedly costs $47,000. According to the Daily Mirror, the average cost for a Château de la Motte-Husson wedding is £34,000, or around $47,000 USD. That’s a steep price, but just think of the amenities!

Can you get married in the south of France?

French law only recognises civil marriage. Hence, you need to be legally married before holding a religious ceremony. Here, you have two options: Legally marry in France and then hold a religious ceremony (you can either do that the same days or later)

Is it expensive to get married in France?

In France only civil marriages are legally binding, thus lot of couples have two ceremonies. The civil ceremony including notary fees costs you 350-400 euros on average in France. The religious ceremony costs around 200-300 euros. It includes the donation to the officiant and the decoration of the place, as well.

Is it cheaper to get married in France or Italy?

The average wedding cost in Italy is slightly higher than its French counterparts, setting couples back roughly $22,500 for 114 guests.

Where can I get married in South of France?

South of France wedding venues

  • No 3 The Chateau. Charente, South of France. …
  • Chateau du Ruisseau. Aude/Hérault, South of France. …
  • Le Grand Banc. Provence, South of France. …
  • Chateau des Lavandes. Provence, South of France. …
  • Chateau des Soeurs. Aveyron, Dordogne/Lot, South of France. …
  • Chateau Duchesse. …
  • Beau-Moulin. …
  • Chateau Lotois.
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How much is a wedding planner in France?

A renowned luxury wedding planner in France may start their fee around 25-30K€ for their wedding planning services and can go way above, according to their location.

How much do wedding flowers cost in France?

Flowers: 3,000 Euros. Live music for ceremony and/or cocktails: 1,500 Euros. DJ: 3,000 Euros. Bridal hair and make up: 700 Euros.

How much were the strawbridges paid for escape to the chateau?

How much did they pay for Château de la Motte-Husson? The Strawbridge’s paid £280,000 when they bought the ruined property 2015. The immense chateau has 45 bedrooms, 78 windows, 12 acres and one moat.

How do foreigners get married in France?

Non-residents without a parent living in France must acquire a special dispensation before getting married in the country. In practice, authorities rarely allow it. Many couples prefer to have a civil wedding in their country of origin or residence, and hold a second ceremony in France.

How quickly can you get married in France?

If your marriage application is successful, your civil marriage ceremony must take place at the mairie no less than 10 days and no more than one year after you get authorization to marry. After your wedding, you’ll be issued a Livret de Famille (official book) that will have your marriage recorded in it.

How many witnesses do you need to get married in France?

In France, at least one person (2 at the most) stands in at the ceremony as a witness for the future couple. Witnesses are absolutely necessary for the marriage to take place.

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