Best answer: What do you need to get married in St Lucia?

How long do you need to be in St Lucia to get married?

Saint Lucia does not have a residency period, so this allows marriage licenses to be obtained within 24 for hours of arrival with a same day marriage license application. For those who apply for the regular marriage license, the couple is required to be in Saint Lucia two days prior to their wedding.

Do you need witnesses to get married in St Lucia?

St Lucia Marriage Law Requirements

Two witnesses are required. How long do I have to be resident in St Lucia before I can get married? You must be resident in St Lucia for 2 days before you can apply for a marriage licence which then takes 2 days to process.

Can US citizens get married in St Lucia?

There is no residency period and if you want to get married within 24 hours of arriving on the island, you can apply for a special license. … Documents you need for a Saint Lucia marriage license are your passports and birth certificates. If name has been changed you’ll need the Deed Poll.

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Can you elope in St Lucia?

An elopement in Saint Lucia may be just what you need. Enjoy an unforgettable experience in your own private paradise when you elope at Serenity at Coconut Bay.

Is there a waiting period for couples wishing to get married in St Lucia?

While there is no official residency period, couples should allow between three to five working days for the marriage application to be processed. There is a waiting period of two business days for a civil marriage. … If you want to get married within 24 hours of arriving in St Lucia, you can apply for a special licence.

Is polygamy legal in St Lucia?

According to the Criminal code of Saint Lucia, Polygamy is illegal. Polyamorous is Characterized by or involved in the practice of engaging in multiple romantic relationships, with the consent of all the people involved.

What is it called if you have more than one wife?

Polygamy means having multiple spouses and it’s practiced in cultures worldwide. … Polygamy is also sometimes called “plural marriage.” Women are often subservient and have little or no rights.

What do you need to get married in the Caribbean?

Necessary documents: Passports; birth certificates; proof of divorce or death certificate of former spouse/s (if applicable); declaration certifying both parties are unmarried U.S. citizens, sworn before a U.S. Consul at the American Embassy in Nassau; a marriage license from the Commissioner’s Office on other islands; …

How do destination weddings work legally?

All you have to do is get a marriage license at home, then go to city hall or hire an officiate who is allowed to perform legal ceremonies in your state/city/country. … If you get legally married at home, you can then select a “symbolic wedding” package for your destination wedding.

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How do you become a citizen of St Lucia?

Citizenship of Saint Lucia may be acquired either by birth in Saint Lucia, or by birth outside of Saint Lucia, to a parent or parents who are not themselves Saint Lucian citizens by descent. An adopted child may also become a Saint Lucian citizen given that one of the adoptive parents is a Saint Lucian citizen.

Can US citizens get married in the Caribbean?

You need to apply for a marriage license when getting married in the Caribbean. In most cases, you can do this upon arrival, but sometimes you must do it ahead of time. St. Maarten and Bonaire require special permission from the lieutenant governor, which must be obtained two months prior to your wedding date.

How do I get a copy of my marriage certificate in St Lucia?

Registrar Registry of Civil Status Peynier Street Castries Saint Lucia, WI

  1. Registrar. …
  2. If you want a speedy delivery then you have to send along with the letter a prepaid FedEx package. …
  3. For further information you can email us at or call 1 (758) 468-3195. …
  4. Download an Application form here.

What country is St Lucia located in?

To elope in The Bahamas, you simply need your passport, and proof that you are single, (never been married), divorced or widowed and you are eligible to get married in the Bahamas. As these are the documents and proof you need to qualify for a Bahamas Marriage License.

How do you elope in Barbados?

1. What are the main steps that a couple needs to make to arrange an elopement in Barbados?

  1. Valid passports and original birth certificates.
  2. Valid Return tickets.
  3. If either party was divorced, an original Decree Absolute or a certified copy of the Final Judgment.
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