How much does it cost to get married at the Stratosphere?

The package ranges from $1,060 to $1,410 (excluding tax and gratuity fees). For smaller group weddings, (2 to 15 guests) ranges from $199 to $500 for the site rental fee only. Additional ceremony amenities can be rented for an additional fee. For larger group weddings and custom menus, please inquire with the venue.

Does the stratosphere have a chapel?

Chapel in the Clouds at The STRAT Hotel, Casino & SkyPod is the only venue in Las Vegas located 800 feet high above the Las Vegas Valley with magnificent views. Our two chapels are located on SkyPod Level 103 for traditional ceremonies with a view.

How much do Vegas weddings cost?

The cost of a Las Vegas wedding doesn’t have to be exorbitant to have a beautiful wedding. Not only are many of these packages affordable, but they also offer so much peace of mind and ease. The average all-inclusive Las Vegas wedding cost will run anywhere from $3,250-$10,495, depending on the options you choose.

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Is it cheaper to get married in Vegas?

Getting married in Vegas Chapels

Depending on which chapel and type of ceremony you choose, prices may range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. … Some chapels charge more, some charge less. A wedding at a luxury resort on the Strip may cost as much – or more – than a traditional wedding back home.

How much is it to get eloped in Vegas?

You will need to pay the marriage license cost of $77 using cash, credit card, cashier’s check, money order, or traveler’s check. While you can download and bring the marriage license application from the Clark County Marriage Bureau’s website, you must both be there in person to hand it in.

Can you get legally married in Vegas?

Marriages in Las Vegas are legally binding throughout the U.S. and in most countries around the world. States and countries each have their own laws. In Nevada, both parties must present valid IDs to the county clerk who will issue the marriage license.

How fast can you get married in Vegas?

You can get married immediately after receiving your license and it remains valid for one year. Couples are required to bring their Las Vegas-issued marriage license with them on the day of their wedding. No minister (not even Elvis) can perform a ceremony without a valid Clark County license present on the day.

How can I get married fast?

How to Get Married in a Hurry

  1. Come up with a budget. …
  2. Plan the ceremony and reception. …
  3. Find an officiant. …
  4. Send out invitations and create a wedding website. …
  5. Form a bridal party. …
  6. Figure out what you’ll wear. …
  7. Book a photographer, musicians, florist, and baker. …
  8. Order the rings.
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Can you get married drunk in Vegas?

Drunk marriages are actually illegal in Vegas, and a blackout isn’t hard to spot, so no chapel that wants to stay in business would have served them. They used to be able to get away with it (actress Janeane Garofalo was unknowingly married for 20 years after one such adventure), but the law does a better job now.

Can you get married for free in Vegas?

Las Vegas wedding chapels have always been a tourist attraction, but during 2019 — you can get married in Vegas for FREE! … Tropicana LV Weddings is celebrating love for all with FREE Vegas weddings for couples looking to exchange their vows in 2019.

What do you have to do to get married in Vegas?

5 Steps for Getting Married in Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Step 1: Make sure you are eligible to get married in Nevada. …
  • Step 2: Apply for a marriage license in Clark County. …
  • Step 3: Go to the Las Vegas Marriage License Bureau. …
  • Step 4: Get married! …
  • Step 5: Get a certified copy of the marriage certificate.

What is needed to get married in Nevada?

To get married in Nevada you must be at least 18 years old, and you have to bring documentation to prove it. Acceptable documents must have your name and age listed on them. Driver’s licenses, passports, military ID cards, permanent resident cards, and voter identification cards are all acceptable.

Do you need proof of divorce to get married in Las Vegas?

Divorce papers are not required for a remarriage in Nevada. You will be required to sign on your marriage license application that you are legally divorced. … If you are divorced, it must be final. You must know the month, year, city and state in which the divorce was final.

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