Quick Answer: Who are the twins in my best friend wedding?

Rachel Griffiths and Carrie Preston portrayed Kimmy’s bridesmaids, twins Samantha and Mandy Newhouse.

Who plays the Twins in My Best Friend’s Wedding?

Rachel Griffiths played Samantha Newhouse, a twin who like to gossip (and sing) with her sister. The Australian actress was already well-known for her role in Muriel’s Wedding before the romcom, and went on to become a Golden Globe winner for her role in Six Feet Under.

How old was Cameron Diaz in best friend’s wedding?

That’s right, Cameron Diaz’ character was only 20 years old.

(She was 25 IRL.)

Who was the best man in my best friend’s wedding?

However, there is one shining example of a stud sportswriter: Michael O’Neal, the male lead in the 1997 rom-com My Best Friend’s Wedding.

Who does Julianne Potter end up with?

Plot Summary (5)

Michael O’Neal and Julianne Potter have been friends for years but when Michael rings Julianne to tell her he is getting married to a lady called Kimberly Wallace she finally realizes he has to tell him her true feelings, which are that she loves him.

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Who are the girls at the beginning of my best friends wedding?

Awards and recognition

Accolade Category Result
Blockbuster Entertainment Awards Favorite Actress – Comedy Won
Favorite Supporting Actor – Comedy Won
Favorite Supporting Actress – Comedy Won
Bogey Awards Won

Who are the actresses in the beginning of my best friends wedding?

A flowery prelude that sets the stage for a rollicking and subversive rom-com, the title sequence uses the film-before-the-film approach, featuring its own cast separate from the main production: performers Raci Alexander, Jennifer Garrett, Kelleia Sheerin, and Bree Turner, with Ani Difranco singing a modern take of …

Who is Dermot Mulroney married to?

The “Pretty Woman” actress is not only celebrating the July 4 holiday weekend but a huge matrimonial milestone. Roberts, 53, took to Instagram to share a rare photo with her husband and cinematographer Daniel Moder, 52, in honor of their nearly two decade long marriage.

Is Dermot Mulroney married to Julia Roberts?

Earlier this year, Gossip Cop busted Life & Style for falsely claiming that Roberts and Moder were headed for a split over her friendship with Mulroney. The spouses are still happily married and there’s still no truth to this baseless narrative.

How Did My Best Friend’s Wedding End?

As we all know of the beloved 90s rom com, the ending of My Best Friend’s Wedding sees Julianne (Julia Roberts) bid farewell to her best friend, Michael (Dermot Mulroney), and his bride, Kimmy (Cameron Diaz) after failing to split them apart.

Does My Best Friend’s Wedding have a happy ending?

Fans of “My Best Friend’s Wedding” may be surprised to hear that in the movie’s original ending, Julia Roberts got the guy. … But in the movie’s original finale, Julianne meets a handsome stranger (John Corbett) and lives happily ever after.

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Does George love Julianne?

After all, George is Julianne’s one true love. He’s the one that was chasing after her, being her confidant and shoulder to cry on and going along with her schemes. The final scene creates a wholly original version of true love.

How old was Julia Roberts when she made my best friend’s wedding?

The foursome were all smiles on the cover, with Roberts, 51, and Diaz, 46, leaning on Mulroney, 55, as Everett, 59, stood by with a glass of champagne. The actors were dressed in their wedding best too.

How old is Kimberly in My Best Friend’s wedding?

Movie Info

Childhood friends Julianne Potter (Julia Roberts) and Michael O’Neal (Dermot Mulroney) had a deal to marry each other if they were still single by age 28. Now, four days before her 28th birthday, O’Neil announces that he’s marrying a gorgeous 20-year-old named Kimberly (Cameron Diaz).